Fine Metal Wall Art Decor by
Aleksandr Sizov

Fine metal wall art decor.

You probably don't think about it. How many times do you ask yourself... "What would I say about that particular wall hanging or piece of artwork displayed on my wall?"

"Wild Turkey"

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A different kind of question maybe. But it is meant to make you think a little. What would our world be like without the creativity and skills of unique individuals? Without skilled craftsman, engineers, laborers, musicians, athletes and artists what kind of surroundings would we have?

Very, very dull - right? Yet, still we seem to take it all for granted, not even noticing all the talent and skill and effort that it took to provide us with all the beauty and design we enjoy and USE each and every day.

In our homes and offices, it's the same thing. Just more confined.

But isn't that exactly when we WILL, just maybe, take a minute to slow down and reflect a bit about the special individual that had a passion for architecture or flowers or mountains, or mathematics?

Did she live in my home town? Was he from my lifetime?

Why did this talented person care so much about his chosen passion?

This special website is really about just such a person. His name is Aleksandr Sizov. Aleksandr has a very special talent and a passion for creating some of the most beautiful fine wall art decor I have ever seen. We will do our best to help you learn all about Aleks and his art.

And we'll also try to help you learn about some of the history behind his passion and take you to many new artistic worlds and places that WILL help you open your eyes!

How did Mr. Sizov begin his own journey? And What made him work so hard at his craft?

Aha! That's the key. What is it within us all that drives us to excel, to create or succeed beyond our own expectations?

It is life. The ultimate creator has bestowed upon each and every one of us unique talents and abilities.

It is up to each of us , however, to do something about that ....or to forget to notice.